Before your pickup please let us know if: 

  • Special parking arrangements are required for the pickup. If your street does not allow double-parking (busy streets, bus/cable cars, narrow street) you will need to contact S.F.M.T.A to obtain a parking permit. 415.701.2311 or 415.550.2733 or online [] (requires 5 days to process).
  • Your building requires a Certificate of Liability Insurance (COI)
  • There are narrow roads / steep hills / electrical wires lower than 16 feet high. We use a large 24-foot truck and we would need to bring a smaller vehicle.
  • The pickup location has stairs or narrow hallways.

Prepare for your pickup:

  • Pack: Box or bag all small items prior to the pickup. This includes items like kitchen utensils, books, decor, clothing, etc. Our team cannot do packing during pickups. If you would like a referral for someone to help you pack and organize your items please reply to this email.
  • Separate: As much as possible, separate donations into separate boxes from consignment resale items. Ideally pack like-items (plates, clothing) together, as this will help us process the items as a collection and increase the chances to sell it.  Most items that are <$20 we will usually get donated from the start.
  • Label: Mark any box that contains items assessed for resale or that could be for resale. Note each item on the outside of the box. For example, collectible toy car, silverware, designer clothing, etc.
  • No trash, paint / flammable / hazardous waste: unfortunately we cannot accept these items.  Trash includes every day disposable items like food and paper.
  • Make sure to check with your building manager regarding any move-out regulations. Reserve the freight elevator and loading dock if available and ask where the truck should park to facilitate the pickup. 

Please remember that our pickup team lead may reassess the resale assessment of items during the pickup if they determine, once they view the item in person, that due to condition or quality the item may not be collected for resale.