Terms and Conditions (“TOC”)

I, the Owner, am entering a consignment agreement with Remoov, Inc (“Remoov”) beginning on the __ / __ /___ (“Receive Date”).  I have agreed to the Terms and Conditions as listed on http://remoovit.com/terms, a portion of which states:

  • Owner confirms legal ownership of the items, gives right to sell through third party, and provides any necessary documents to transfer ownership.
  • Owner grants Remoov the exclusive right to sell, donate, and discard merchandise pursuant to the TOC.
  • Curators will determine whether each item should be sold, donated or discarded. Given Remoov’s fee structure, our incentive is to sell what can be reasonably sold.
  • The “Consignment Period” is 90-days for consignment items.
  • Items set for Consignment will be offered through our reseller network, including consignment stores and specialized resellers, as well as sold direct via online marketplaces.
  • Remoov will, at its sole discretion, set the price for items that will be sold directly.
  • When the Consignment Period ends, Owners will be notified and may elect to have the items sold via auction, donated or returned.•Items included in the auction start at a bid price of $1. The Owner understands the risk that items may sell for lower than expected during the auction and accepts the final price for the item.
  • Items included in the auction that do not sell will be offered for donation without requiring additional approval from the Owner.  Items that are not accepted for donation will be responsibly discarded.
  • Lot Sale items will be sold via a 7-day online auction starting with minimum bids of $1.  We have partnered with a premier online auction company to help manage and market these sales.
  • Items set for Donation during the consultation will be donated on the Owner’s behalf after the pickup without additional approval.
  • Items set for Recycle during the consultation will be discarded after the pickup without additional approval. Remoov will invoice the Owner $1.50 per cubit foot for the disposed items (“Recycling Fee”).
  • The Owner will receive 50% of the resale value (“Owner Share”) of items sold on their behalf by Remoov.
  • The Owner will receive donation receipts for all items donated on their behalf.
  • The Owner agrees to pay the Pickup plus Disposal Fee (“Invoice Fee”). If the Owner has not paid this fee within 30 days after receiving the invoice, Remoov will add 10% for each month that invoice is outstanding with a maximum penalty fee of 30% (“Late Fee”). If the invoice remains outstanding after 3 months from the original invoice date, Remoov will take ownership of all the items including all sales and donations.
  • If items are added after the consultation or without receiving a resale estimate from Remoov prior to the pickup, the Owner accepts the resale assessment for that item and understands that items may be set for donation or disposal.
  • Remoov will cover storage, photography, appraisal, distribution, marketing and sale costs, as well as any other costs incurred during the Consignment Period towards the sale or donation of the collected items.
  • After all collected items are processed the Owner will receive a link to their Dashboard which will list all the Owner’s items for resale and donation. 
  • At any point before an item is sold, donated or discarded the Owner may request to have their items returned. Items can be picked up at no additional fee from Remoov’s Warehouse.

I have read and agree to the above and will pay the Invoice Fee.