Curators, relying on their expertise and historical demand, will determine whether each item should be sold, donated or discarded when they arrive at our warehouse. The curators also determine the expected resale price range for the item. When we sell direct we usually start selling the item at the high-end of the set range and slowly reduce the price. Given our fee structure, our incentive is to sell what can be reasonably sold.

In addition, we've partnered with reseller experts to get your items sold. When they claim an item for resale they are responsible for determining the price. They do this based on historical data, pricing trends, current prices and item condition. It's in your interest and theirs to sell at a higher price but also make sure that the item will sell during the consignment period.

When we first start selling the item we start selling it at the higher-end of the resale price range.  During the consignment period if the item has not sold we slowly reduce the price.