The first step in the process is to create an estimate for your pickup.  The estimate will include the cost for the pickup and resellability assessment for the items (whether they will be collected for consignment resale, lot sale, donation or recycle).  This can be completed in one of two ways:

After you receive the estimate you can go ahead and schedule a pickup.  Remoov will collect all the items that you want to sell, donate and discard. Our team of professional movers will collect the items and bring them to our processing center.  From there, items that were assessed as recycle will get recycled and items that were assessed as donation will get donated. Items assessed as lot sale will be sold as one unit via a lot auction.  

Consignment items are processed separately from the rest of the items:

  • Cleaning: we do an external surface cleaning to prepare them for the photos
  • Inspection: items are inspected for damage and tested
  • Photography: items are professionally photographed in our studio
  • Appraisal: depending on the item category, items are appraised by one of our specialized team appraisers to set the resale price range
  • Copy-writting: our team copywriter writes unique item titles and descriptions to use in the selling process
  • Selling: items are published on to our online store. Depending on the item category and value we notify our resellers and publish the items on third party marketplaces