Packing Items

Small items (plates, books, clothing) must be packed and ready to go when our pickup team arrives.  Unfortunately our team cannot help with packing during the pickup as they have a tight schedule to arrive with their next client.  If you need help getting packed prior to your pickup please let us know and we can refer you to one of the professional organizers in our network.

Please make sure to mark the boxes that have higher-end items that were assessed for consignment resale.  Boxes that are unmarked will be set for donation.

Adding items to your pickup

You can add or remove items to your pickup prior to us coming to collect the items.  If you do not need an update quote/resale assessment of the added items or if the added items will not increase the size of the pickup by ¼ of a truck or more you do not need to contact us or send us pictures of the added items.  You will be invoiced for the actual amount that we pick up.

Items that are added to the pickup that did not receive a prior resale assessment will be assessed once they arrive at the warehouse.  Our pickup team will give you an indication of whether they think the items will be consignment/donation/recycle, but that may change, though rarely, once the category experts inspect the items.

Recycling Fee

We charge $1.50 per cubic foot, which is very competitive with junk hauling companies. Your pickup estimate includes this fee for the items set for recycle.

Changing resale assessment during the pickup

Sometimes when our team inspects an item during the pickup they may determine that the item will be handled differently than was stated in the estimate. 

Although rarely done, this can happen when upon closer inspection we discover damage or see that its quality is different than we originally thought. An item that we thought was consignment may be changed to recycle/donation or vice versa.  If an item’s resale assessment will be changed our team lead will let you know of that change to obtain your approval prior to us loading the item to the truck.

Removing loaded items

Once an item has been loaded in the truck we cannot remove.  Our team will only be loading items that are either included in the pickup estimate or those that you requested to be added.