Items collected on Consignment have a 90-day resale period.  Once this period expires you will receive a notification asking you what you'd like to do with the items which did not sell.  You can select one of three options:

  • Auction: we've partnered with a premier online auction company to manage the auctions for items that have not sold.  The auctions are online, last 10-days and items start with a minimum bid of $1. On average about 95% of the items put for auction sell. Items that do not sell via the auction will be donated on your behalf. 
  • Donate: if you prefer to by-pass the auction and we can go ahead and donate the remaining items.
  • Return: you may collect the items that have not sold at no-cost from our location in South San Francisco. 

If we have not received your preference 7-days after we send the End of Consignment notification the items will be added to the auction.