Please find the Resale Guide and a short resale guide presentation attached.

For a quick reference of what items we usually accept for resale, donation or recycle please refer to the Resale Guide below.  In general, we accept for resale large items (i.e. sofas, tables, washers, ellipticals, etc) that can be resold for >$200 and small items that can be resold for >$40. The resale value of an item depends on the brand, condition and style.  Due to changing consumer preferences some types of items are very hard to resell or even donate.  For example, hutches (displaying china is not as popular now), entertainment centers (most people now are attaching TVs to their walls), older style furniture like "brown furniture" or floral sofas, etc.

Items that we cannot collect for resale but are in good condition can often be donated.  Whether an item can be donated depends on the criteria of the donation companies.  They can often be a bit picky regarding large items that are out of style of showing significant wear or damage.  We work with many donation companies and have a pretty good idea of the items they will accept.